Just Be Good To Her (Nobody Else)

Sometimes we forget about the things that really matter. I remember a time when my girlfriend discovered I had cheated on her. We had a pretty painful discussion, understandably, and she really was at the crossroads: she didn’t know whether she wanted to give us a second chance or not.

Well true love is all-forgiving, but some relationships are sometimes so unhealthy that you wonder whether it’s a sane thing – for both of you – to just be together.

I was so worried I could lose the girl I love that I decided it was now or never: I had to come clean, for once in my life. So she knew I had cheated multiple times and we went over these stories…, but for some reasons, there was this one particular girl she was utterly worried about. More than an affair, it started looking more like a real relationship as we met in different countries and this over a couple of months. More than betraying her trust, I was betraying our relationship. More than being worried about this girl, she was truly anxious about our prospects.

So you see I’m not talking about the regular hook-up. I’m talking about a sustained relationship with some or all defining traits of a romantic relationship. If there is any doubt that you had some feelings or anything that makes a relationship romantic for the other girl: that can destroy your entire relationship’s credibility.

And she was right to be so anxious. When a girl has been cheated by the boy she placed so much trust into, there is only once thing that can make her feel better about the other girl: the fact that you love your girlfriend.

If you are able to be that caring and kind to another girl, able to make that many efforts for her, then what makes your girlfriend so special? Think about it.

Here it’s important that you have a clear idea about what you want. Don’t waste your girlfriend’s time. You think she’s amazing so you can’t let her go? Then let go of these girls you’ve been seeing? Don’t feel bad about it. You should better about getting real with your beloved girlfriend. You have what’s best in the world, right, so she is the only thing you can lose.

What matters is that you love your girlfriend and nobody else. What matters is that you do these lovely things for your girlfriend and for nobody else. Make her feel that she is the special one. The last one. The only one.

Friends tell me i am crazy
And i’m wasting time with you
You’ll never be mine
It’s not the way i see it
‘cause i feel you’re already mine
Whenever you’re with me {ooh…ooh…ooh…}

People always talkin’ ‘bout
Your reputation
I don’t care about your other girls
Just be good to me {ooh…ooh…ooh…}


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