The Last One

In this post we’re going to talk about the last girls you’ve dated – the last ones – and your girlfriend – The Last One.

I thought this video was touching and you will relate to it if you’ve loved more than once.

Some thoughts.

As I pointed out in the introduction of this blog, one of the things that can hold you back from being a Great BoyFriend might be that you’re still having feelings for your ex.

This is absolutely normal. This is a sign your personality is healthy if you haven’t ejected your ex from your life simply because you guys broke up.

Now you might compare your current girlfriend with your ex girlfriend, or with an ex that you have loved passionately. This is something that happened to me early in my relationship with my current girlfriend, and it must have been a lot disturbing when I told her about it.

A few thoughts, from experience:

One: Do no tell your girlfriend about your doubts.

Two: If you have to tell you girlfriend about your concerns (let’s say you just can’t keep it for yourself), well, TONE-IT-DOWN. Don’t describe your ex in a soaring lyrical poem, control yourself! You have no right to make your girlfriend feel inferior to your ex.

Three: Understand that there are not two love stories that are the same. You can’t meet twice the same person (and if you think you did that means neither of them are so special nor worth your time) and therefore you can’t love two girls the same way. Which leads me to..

Four: Re-calibrate your expectations/standards. I’m not saying that you should lower them. Just re-calibrate your standards according to what you love, not to what you have had the past. I hate to break it up to you, but.. It’s gone! It won’t come back. Ever. And if it does, well it won’t be with your new girlfriend. Don’t ask her to be somebody else. Show appreciation for the way she is, and help her being her best.

Applying these simple rules helped me a great deal going through some moments of doubts and loving my girlfriend for the truly amazing lady she is.


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