Why Did I Start This Blog?

I am starting this blog in July 2013, as I realized that my jerky behavior is endangering the things I cherish the most in this world.

I am not proud of this, but despite being in a fulfilling romantic relationship, I have cheated the girl I love multiple times in the first two years, and she actually discovered twice about it.

You can imaging the violent and painful discussions we had. I swore to myself that I would become a better man. She is so amazing, she deserves a better boyfriend and I love her so much that I’m willing to transform myself rather than lose this precious relationship we have.

I am writing this blog to keep a focus where I want to be, on how I want to do it and share my thoughts and experience becoming a Great BoyFriend (GBF).

In order to become a Great BoyFriend, you have to

  1. love your girlfriend like you’ve never loved anybody else. It’s a long and demanding path where you’ll struggle to change thing that used to just be natural for you ;
  2. be willing to change your whole self if that is what it takes to make your girlfriend happy ;
  3. understand why you’ve been falling short of the standard a Great Boyfriend : is it bad habits? sheer lust? you don’t love your girlfriend enough? a long-distance relationship? can’t get over your ex? We’ll go through all this. Know yourself and 50% of the job is done.
  4. Write down your deliverable: write a clear an explicit road map and action list of what you are going to do to improve yourself. Written commitment is the best.


So you can think of this as an an auto-therapy, one-to-one. But if you readers feel like you could take it to the next level, a many-to-one or even better, a many-to-many group therapy, I’m sure this would make thousands or relationships better and this world a better place. 


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