How To Pamper Your Girlfriend #1: Cook Her A Meal

Still with me? You should now be on your way to become a Great BoyFriend. Let’s cover a little bit of this journey together.

I want to start a series on How To Pamper Your Girlfriend.

You have an amazing girlfriend, and she deserves to feel that you put her on a pedestal. There are lots of sweet little things that you can do for her on a daily basis: buy flowers, chocolates, take her out, saying “I love you”, make a joke, cook her a meal (special advice from the world’s longest married couple), etc. We’ll cover the classing examples, like buying flowers and chocolates, taking your girlfriend out, saying “I love you”, etc. And we’ll also get into more creative ones. And I guess some of them will be more or less niche… Again: they’re all suggestions; you will ultimately decide whether that’s a good idea. Don’t take your girl on a cruise if you know she’s seasick!

So this series will list all the little things you can do to pamper the girl of your dreams.

How To Pamper Your Girlfriend #1: Cook a fabulous meal

Now is the opportunity to have the perfect date with your love. Cooking a meal for her can be a casual proof of care and affection, or could even be your perfect date masterpiece: this time, you choose the place, the time, and you control (more or less) what’s going to happen!

It doesn’t have to be a fabulous banquet (but if you can, yeah, be my guest!), but the whole point of this exercise is to

– Make efforts to win your girlfriend’s heart
– Explore her cuisine tastes (is there anything she doesn’t eat at all?)
– Showcase your creativity: if cooking is your thing, try to be extra original! This unexpected romantic meal will be an opportunity to surprise her by your inventiveness
– Put her in a cheerful mood

Recreate her: if that’s the first time cooking for you, there is a good chance you’ll be a little nervous. Don’t. More important than the food, let her and you have a good quality time together. Think of a nice topic to discuss about, a joke to tell, a gift, or even a game to play; and make her feel darn comfortable.

Choose the timing: consider her schedule. When would she be in a propitious mood? Late dinner right after a long and exhausting day be the best? A short escape from work for a special lunch? A take-away snack with a nice word for her if she hasn’t much time? A Sunday romantic picnic in a park? Think out of the box!

However you decide to do it: be yourself, she’ll appreciate it even more. If you make a mistake (forgot an ingredient, put too much salt in the pot, etc.): just laugh it off! The fact that you took some risk to make something new for her will make you cute!

Bon appetit!


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