How To Pamper Your Girlfriend #2: Make Her A YouTube Playlist

Hi boys!

This is the second post on how to improve your relationship one step at a time.

Today: make a music playlist for your girlfriend.

This is an inexpensive and thoughtful manner of expressing your feeling to your other half. However, beware! Don’t start googling “romantic songs” and all. And don’t just copy a (lame) music collection from somebody else (“Freek-a-leek” – Petey Pablo, what the heck?)!

The whole point of this exercise is that by building these common musical references, you’re building a common identity, you’re building the “we”. Just like for photo albums which remind you of nice moments you two have spent together, you should rather choose the songs according to your shared experience.

Some hints:

  • – the song(s) that played when you met
  • – the song(s) that you listen when you miss her
  • – the soundtrack of a movie you two love watching together
  • – the songs of a concert you joined together
  • – a song that you wrote for her


The songs don’t have to be all joyful, romantic or sad. But they should be related to one of your common experiences.

Now put the playlist on Youtube (the modern version of the mixtape we used to make when we were kids) and share it with your love. It’s a good thing to have it on YouTube and to update it regularly. A playlist requires time and dedication, it is not a one-time thing.

You can even make several playlists, each one with a particular tale that you can tell from the beginning to the end.


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