Realizing Your Love For Her

This weekend I was at a mall in the city center. They have this little square right in the middle of the mall. It’s outdoor and that’s a nice escape from the ever-air-conditioned atmosphere that you get here. In the middle of this square you can find a fountain that seems pretty simple, however the patterns it follows are quite complex and nice to see, a real water performance!
And the greatest thing about this place is that you always have kids playing : they’re just naturally attracted to the fountains jets. Any kid passing by would just forget about everything and go to the fountain, either staring at it like in a distant dream or daring to touch the water and splash the other kids around. It’s such a joyful place!

So there was I, standing at strangers and kids in a fascinated way. And it just came to me, it was finally so clear.

While I was watching the beautiful kids playing with the water, the reason why I was so absorbed by their tiniest gestures, laughter and frowning was that the only thing I had at the back of my mind was her. Her. Just like the only thing I can think of when I see a nice dress or tastefully worn shoes is her. Her again.
This is the first time I feel this way about someone.
I still have firsts!
That’s amazing. I know I love her. It just feels so natural.
Loin des yeux, pres du coeur.” This is a French expression, that means 眼远,心近 (literally “Far from the eyes, close to the heart”)。
What a beautiful day.

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