Don’t Hang Up Mad At Her

I’m not sure whether there is any standard definition of a break in a couple. But this is totally not what I expected.

I spent an awful 24 hours thinking about my girlfriend every minute. My project to be with her is driving everything that I’m doing, as I’m on my way to become a better boyfriend. So after she told me she needed some time to think about our relationship, I suddenly felt empty.

But we finally talked to each other yesterday as she called me before I slept. We just talked about our day and our life, not especially about the relationship nor the break. It felt great to see her and listen to her voice. I think she’s still considering her feelings, trying to feel the love she has for me, so I don’t want to push her.

So here is today’s lesson for relationship  (long distance in particular): what we last see or hear can condition our dreams, and you don’t want your girlfriend to sleep over negative emotions, so:

● Always tell “Good night” to your other half before sleeping
● Don’t hang up angry on your girlfriend. If you do so, call right back and apologize. Tell her you love her.

Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.


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