The Faithful Boyfriend Series#2


Getting caught by my girlfriend after I cheated on her was a shocking experience. I won’t be able to forget the heartbreaking display of pain, sadness, will to die that I’ve seen on that day.

If you really love your girlfriend this is how you should feel when this happens: you should feel like you want to die, because you can’t undo what has been done. You can’t rewind the tape and just do things differently. You’ll have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life, if love means anything to you.

Don’t jeopardize what you love the most for what you want now.

If you want to cheat, don’t. If you have to do it for whatever reason, then don’t let your girlfriend know about it, and never do it again. If she busts you and find out what you did, take the blow. Embrace the pain this will inflict to you and do your best to take some of hers. Never do it again. NEVER.

Some girls are great enough to forgive once. Some other just can’t. But there are only that many times a girl can forgive you.


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