I am a twenty-something who realized that his jerky behavior is endangering the things he cherishes the most in this world, and wants to change for the best.

I am not proud of this, but despite being in a fulfilling romantic relationship, I have cheated the girl I love multiple times in the first two years, and she actually discovered twice about it.

You can imaging the violent and painful discussions we had. I swore to myself that I would become a better man. She is so amazing, she deserves a better boyfriend and I love her so much that I’m willing to transform myself rather than lose this precious relationship we have.

I am writing this blog to keep a focus where I want to be, on how I want to do it and share my thoughts and experience becoming a Great BoyFriend (GBF).

I am writing this blog for myself. I am writing this blog to stop with the ridiculous destructive and careless lifestyle habits I’ve developed as a twenty-something trying to be “cool”. I am writing this for the guy that wakes up one day and realize there is no way he can lose his girlfriend. I am writing this for the boy that realize that his girlfriend is the most beautiful thing he has looked at and wants to give her what she deserves. I am writing this for the man that is getting tired of foraging and want a more meaningful relationship and life. I am writing this for all of us men that sooner or later will understand that the only thing that can make us truly happy is to love and give.

So you can think of this as an an auto-therapy, one-to-one. But if you readers feel like you could take it to the next level, a many-to-one or even better, a many-to-many group therapy, I’m sure this would make thousands or relationships better and this world a better place. 


If you have any comments, suggestion or request, I’d be glad to read from you. You can email me at |the|last|one 05(at)\gmail].dot.{com}.


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